Filter Ruleset 3 enrollment instructions


When enrolling a device the MDM becomes the "Device Owner" which means you cannot un-enroll or reset your device without Phones4Work intervention. Please do not enroll a device unless you intend to use the MDM on the device. We WILL charge you a $25.00 setup fee if we need to "un-enroll" your device.



  • Phones need to be either new or factory reset and running Android 7 or higher. Please see this for more info.

  • Phones need to have working internet connection. If you are using a Prepaid Service Provider, you may

need to use WIFI to complete setup since a factory reset will also reset your APN settings.

  • While not required, notifying Phones4Work prior to installation will ensure a license is available. If no

license is available for your device, installation will fail.

  • The same $35.00 Configuration Fee applies regardless if you self-enrolled or if Phones4Work does the


Backup your data!

  • A factory reset will completely wipe your device. Make sure anything you wish to save is backed up

off the device, to either an SD-Card, computer, Cloud Storage Etc. Backing up to internal phone storage
will not be helpful since that will be erased when resetting your phone.

  • A very helpful app for backing up Text Messages, and Call Logs is SMS Backup and Restore found on

the App Store.

  • Contacts are usually backed up to Google. However, you need to verify that prior to performing a reset

since some phones, especially LG devices and some Samsung devices, by default, store contacts on the
phone rather than in the Google Cloud.

  • Photos may or may not be backed up to the Google Cloud. A safe bet would be to copy them to an SDCard

or computer before doing a factory reset.

Make sure you have your login credentials for any account on your device!

  • Usernames and passwords for any email accounts, any App accounts etc. If you have two factor

authentication for Cloudveil turned on, make sure you have the credentials since you will need that if
re-installing Cloudveil.

Setup Instructions for Filter Ruleset 3

1. Perform a factory reset:

After everything is backed up you are ready to do a factory reset. Go into settings and search for

“reset”. You should see an option to erase all data (factory reset). Select that and follow the instruction
to reset your device.

2. Install SureMDM Nix

During the initial boot of a new device or initial boot of a

factory reset device you will see a screen similar to this

(Samsung will be different. On Samsung devices it will
most likely be a white screen that says "Start Here"
or similiar)


Tap the screen 7 times which will bring up a

QR code scanner. 









Scan this QR code with the scanner on the screen.


You will receive a notification that your device will be managed by your organization. Accept this to continue.

Enrollment will begin. Depending on your device you may be presented with additional license agreements. Accept these to continue.

A Nix Permission Checklist screen will display. Tap anything with a Red Exclamation and change
the settings. Press the Back Arrow to return to SureMDM Nix. When a green check-mark is displayed
for all the items you are ready to continue. (On Android 10 or newer, the first permission cannot be set be set and can safely remain red.)


Your phone will now install the enrollment profile as well as the following apps:

P4WFirewall – Tells the phone to use our filtered DNS Servers

Settings files for the P4WFirewall
P4W MDM Helper – Used to monitor the VPN Status
Swype Keyboard – A voice enabled swiping keyboard that does not require the Google App

CPL - Customized Pixel Launcher

EverAccountable - Accountability software

After the enrollment process is complete you will receive a notification. You will now need to configure User Privacy settings.

Configure User Privacy

Configuring User Privacy
1. Open SureMDM
2. Tap “Settings”
3. Scroll down and tap on “User Privacy”
4. Take the check-marks out of the following boxes:
1. “Unattended Remote Support”
2. “Unattended Call Log Tracking”
3. “Unattended SMS Log Tracking”
4. “Show Download Notifications”
5. Tap “Done”

Enrollment is now complete
Self Enrollment and configuration is complete. At this point you will need to contact Phones4Work to have your selected
profile installed. Please complete the form below. Device will be unsecured until this step is complete!


Thank you! We will respond to your request as soon as possible.