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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Phones4Work MDM prevent Safe Mode operation?

Yes. The Phones4Work MDM will prevent devices from being booted into safe mode.

Does the Phones4Work MDM work on tablets?

Yes. The Phones4Work MDM will work on nearly any Android device.

Does the Phones4Work MDM block advertisements?

Yes. For more information see this page.

Does the Phones4Work MDM prevent a factory reset?

On all devices the Phones4Work MDM will prevent an "authorized" factory reset from the user Interface. On many devices the Phones4Work MDM will also prevent a factory reset from the recovery partition. A recovery partition reset is considered "unauthorized" and will result in the device being locked. A device reset in this manner will need to be sent to Phones4Work to be unlocked.

Does the Phones4Work MDM work on iOS devices?

No. For iOS devices we recommend the Compass Foundation.

How is the Phones4Work MDM different than an app blocker?

App blockers are installed "on top" of the Operating System. As a result, many app blockers can be easily bypassed by tech savvy users. The Phones4Work MDM software is installed after a factory reset "under" the Operating System and as a result has full control over what the device is allowed to do. Dis-allowed apps are not simply blocked, but rather completely disabled, becoming totally invisible to the user. The Phones4Work MDM is cloud based allowing changes to be made without the need to touch the device.

I would like to use accountability software such as EverAccountable, Truple or Qustudio. Will that work with Phones4Work?

Yes. Some apps such as Truple may require us to enable Chrome for the initial setup process. After setup is complete Chrome can again be disabled.

Is my device private?

Yes. We do not have visibility to personal information on your device. For more information about what is visible to us, see this page.



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