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Bring your own device

The Phones4Work Android MDM is compatible with nearly any Android device running Android version 10 or newer.


A few things to keep in mind when purchasing a new device:

  1. Make sure it has Android 10 or newer. Some independent phones stores sell brand new but outdated devices.

  2. Many "generic" brands have a customized version of Android that doesn't play nice with Ever Accountable or the Phones4Work MDM

  3. Brand's to avoid include Ulefone. Doogee, Blackview, OnePlus, Hauwei and many other "generic" brands of phones.

  4. "Generic" brands known to work well include, Umidigi, Cubot

  5. Make sure it has at least 4GB RAM. Phones4Work will work on devices with less RAM but it can sometimes be less reliable.



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